Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Memories

We honor those we've lost: Jon’s dad, both sets of his grandparents, aunts and an uncle. Mimi’s parents. My Grandmother, and both Grandfathers, Aunt Linda and Dad. We thank God for their memories and for those who are still among us. And with a little levity offer this ‘Ode to Thanksgiving’ masterpiece.

The day begins with the pomp & circumstance of a parade,
And hot fresh sausage balls, always homemade.

Dad teaches son how to prepare the bird,
Singing and laughing thru the house can be heard.

Carrots, celery, onion & potatoes a peeling,
There’s nothing like the Thanksgiving feeling.

Fond memories of Granddaddy and his possum story,
And Grandmother’s cheese cake with all it’s glory.

Sweet potatoes prepared in honor of Dad,
Sit steaming hot on Nana’s plastic canvas hot pad.

Great memories of meals at Uncle Lester & Cora Lee’s,
Followed by picking up pecans under their trees.

Cousins play baseball with ball and cap,
While Dad’s watch football and take a nap.

With dishes washed and a little nudge,
Mom snuggles with Dad and shares some fudge.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It's time once again for our annual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner. The kids play games, make crafts and have a wonderful lunch together. Donna has them review the first Thanksgiving facts, no test this year! Most of the homeschoolers are all kids from church. It is so fun to see how much this group has grown over the years, this year there were 23 children + babies!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade

Yet another year for our annual trek to the Dallas Veteran's Day Parade with our church homeschool friends. I think this was the fourth year that we have gone to thank the heroes who make it safe for our children. The kids dress in camo and patriotic colors. The kids made their own signs to cheer on the soldiers. It is always such a heartfelt event!

Baylor's Birthday

For Miss Baylor's birthday, the girls had a jewelry making party. They created their own pieces and painted them. Each girl made pendants with their initials, followed by pizza, then High School Musical 3 and a sleepover! Baylor's mom is brave woman, nine girls for the sleepover!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

End of Fall Ball

Caleb's game marked the end of fall ball for our family. Prior to his game the city had a Veteran's Day ceremony and also honored those who were killed at Fort Hood.
Caleb's team finished out strong, hopefully their Spring season will be equally strong!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Texas Discovery Gardens



This was our first visit to the Texas Discovery Gardens. Located at historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas Discovery Gardens is a year-round organic urban oasis filled with natural wonders. Their 7.5 acres includes a Butterfly House and Insectarium. We meandered down the canopy walkways as hundreds of butterflies fluttered around us. We participated in a fun, hands-on environmental education program. Jon was off work today and joined us for our adventures. We even enjoyed a great picnic lunch in the peaceful outdoor setting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Heart for Missions

This past weekend was the Annual Mission Forum at Broken Arrow. The congregation honored Dad with a plaque presented to Janice, reading: Presented to Janice Pratt in Honor, Memory and Appreciation of Wayne Pratt for over 30 years of leadership and service on the Missions Committee. Presented by Mission Forum 2009, Broken Arrow Church of Christ, November 1, 2009
They also had a special write up in this year's Mission Forum program about Dad. My heart is full and so touched by every one's kindness.

It reads:
Wayne Pratt 1942 - 2009
It is difficult to think of Mission Forum without remembering Wayne Pratt, a former deacon here, who for many years made it his passion. Wayne's brother, David, served as a missionary in Africa and Russia for many years, and the family often opened their home to visiting missionaries, so he understood well the many struggles a missionary endures. He used his AA travel privileges to visit missionaries in the field in Italy and Ireland, as well as in the US, not only to assess the works there, but to encourage them and to bring back to the church here a better understanding of their personal, spiritual, and financial needs.
His vision of Mission Forum was more than a day for a special collection, he saw it as a way to spark the dream of mission work in children, teens, and families. By distributing change cans early in the year, families are reminded every day of the needs and opportunities of mission work. During Mission Forum week, we hear from missionary leaders, both reporting on the work that has been done, and inspiring us with visions of the harvest still in the fields. On Mission Forum Sunday, we share foods that are the favorites of those people around the world with whom we've shared the gospel; their flags are a reminder of our unity in Christ. Our contribution is a natural expression of that unity and our love for others.
Although we are saddened by Wayne's passing this year, we are excited to see that his dream lives on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Francis Marie Day

Following services today we set out to celebrate the 15th year of Frankie's Adoption. October 28th marked an incredible 15 years that Frankie has legally been Francis Marie Kirkwood. She has been a part of family for closer to 19 years. Frankie selected a restaurant for lunch then we went to Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. It is a rich treasure of early Dallas and North Central Texas history. The early settler and Victorian architecture are just beautiful, and it really come alive with the docents in early 19th century costumes. The building are furnished with period fabrics and furnishing. Even the transportation was this great mule drawn carriage. The kids participated in crafts. Mostly it was a great day to celebrate family, with an appreciation for a slower pace!