Saturday, February 23, 2008

Piano Tuner

February 22, 2008

Today the kids enjoyed watching a local homeschool dad/piano tuner work on our piano. They broke from school to watch him open up the piano. Once the piano was tuned they watched as his son Paul entertained us in a medley of Star Wars tunes!

'Happy Birthday, Michael!'

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanx for the birthday wishes! As it was my "day off" so-to-speak, I traveled towards Yellowstone. Saw numerous deer. Three groupings of mountain sheep throughout the journey (6, 30, and 7, respectively). Eight buffalo from about 50 yards away. More spectacular though was the 3 buffalo grazing alongside the highway. I was 20-25 feet from them. Without a fence barrier or anything. What a rush!!! Take care. Love to all! Michael