Monday, May 19, 2008

Hawaiian Falls Home School Day

We love home schooling!!! Sunday the kids did their school work so that on Monday we could go to Hawaiian Falls Home School Day. We had a wonderful time. The kids went down every slide including the Maui Express, Monsoon, Typhoon, Cyclone, the Honolulu Lulu, the Waikiki Wipeout and the Hawaiian Halfpipe!

The Waikiki Wipeout was a 65-foot high free fall body slide that takes riders through a tunnel and over the edge, Abigail was the first to go down it! We even did the Hawaiian Halfpipe, a two-person over-the-edge inner-tube-ride that propels you straight-up, then backwards from a 40-foot drop!

Most of them they went down multiple times! We also spent alot of time in the wave pool, Breaker Bay. It was perfect for body surfing, inner tubing, swimming, and cooling off, at least that's what the sign said!

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