Friday, November 14, 2014

Glenn Beck Taping

Today was another afternoon spent at Stage 19 on Glenn Beck's program. It was a show wrapping up the weeks events including Glenn's discussion of health issues.  He also recapped the History House and the stop animation programming.
He is building family friendly programming more in line of the old CBS where you have news, but also really good entertainment, not the dark, 'reality' programming that now passes as entertainment. 
I love this man's heart.  He is very passionate about what is happening in the world around us but even more passionate about God, doing the right thing.  Each show begins and ends with prayer, what a powerful statement.
It was an emotional moment today chatting with Glenn between breaks about his illness and how he shared that with his older special needs child.  Mary is high functioning like Frankie, and as I listened to him talk about the serious nature of his illness, my first thought was, 'how did he explain it to his daughter.'  I can't imagine.  The conversation left us both teary. 

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