Saturday, January 24, 2015

North Texas Soup n' Bowl

I’ve been sharing the bowls Abigail and I have been painting for the NorthTexas Soup n’ Bowl.  Well, today was the big event, the 6th Annual North Texas Soup n’ Bowl, raising funds and awareness for Metro Relief.
It’s a great fund raising event where chefs of popular area restaurants graciously prepare their signature soups to share with guests.  The event includes soups, yummy desserts, and an auction at the Tribute Golf Club.  100% of the proceeds from the event go towards food for Metro Relief’s food pantry.  

In addition to the kids and me volunteering at Metro Relief on Monday & Wednesday mornings, I also prepare the statistics for the pantry.  In January Metro Relief’s food pantry and volunteers helped distribute food to 501 families, representing 1,871 individuals in our community.  These families consisted of 704 children, 968 adults and 199 senior citizens. A  HUGE thank you to the volunteers who helped make it all possible.   
In January we served 36 first time families and 4 families in crisis.  Our volunteers assisted guest with 115 job opportunities and more importantly we were able to pray with 85% of the guests who came through our doors!  Soup n’ Bowl is Metro Relief’s primary fund raiser for the year and it is a great event.

On a side note, I highly recommend Kenny’s Burger Joint’s Creamy Roasted Jalapeno Soup!


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