Sunday, February 1, 2015

Texas Bible Bowl

Back in October I began working with a wonderful group of 24 kids preparing for Texas Bible Bowl competition the last weekend in March.  If you’re not familiar with Texas Bible Bowl, it is the program that filled the void when several of our Christian colleges like OC, Harding and ACU stopped hosting National Bible Bowl. 
My kiddos were blessed to compete in National Bible Bowl at ACU, OC and Tulsa Soul Winning Workshop.  When the college stopped sponsoring National Bible Bowl, a really great group of men took up the mantle and formed Texas Bible Bowl.  It is the same testing format but in a family camp environment that allows like-minded kids to get to know each other better. 
The campout is a weekend event with the 250 question test being only a small portion of the weekend.  The nice thing is the kids get to know youth from other congregations across the state.  The same kids they will run into at LTC or college orientations, etc.  I think it’s a great networking tool for the young people who will further the Lord’s body.
Caleb, Richard, Ryan and Abigail are taking a little heat about their team score this year.  They have been the highest team score in every division they have competed for the last nine years.  It will be interesting to see if that success continues.  I’ve told them, if this year they don’t take first, they know how hard they have worked and as their coach/mom, I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing young people they have become! 
Individually, Caleb has taken the highest overall score every year for the last nine years, except for the one year Abigail beat him by two points.  She has great aspirations of beating him one last time!  If they were going to be competitive at least it’s over Bible knowledge. 
Watch for great posts in early April about the huge accomplishments of these 24 kiddos!  They are all really amazing and have big hearts for the Lord! If you’re reading this and in the area, check out Texas Bible Bowl, we would love to see you there!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.  3 John 4

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