Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Incident of 2015 - My Epic Mom Fail

So this post should be titled something simple like, “Gracie’s Birthday.”  It would be a simple post about Abigail and her friends from our home school group having a great time together.  The post would include fabulous details about doing nails, playing games, and of course cake.
However, this seemingly simple event somehow ended up overshadowed by what Abigail now refers to as the ‘Incident of 2015’ or my ‘Epic Mom Fail.’    So here on the blog, running the risk of the grandparents questioning my parenting skills I will try to tell the tale of our day.
Abigail and Gracie have been friends for a while, her mom and I have helped with drama club, etc., but I’d never been to their home.  So we plugged the address into the GPS and headed out.  When the GPS said, ‘Arriving at Gracie’s house on right’ it was confirmed to me by the sight of another teen headed into the house.  There was also a mom, smiling and waving Abigail inside.  I kissed Abigail and she ran on inside.

Upon arriving in the house, the mom took Abigail and the other girl upstairs and told them the girl would be out in a minute and that the girls could wait in her room.  Abigail looked around the room and it looked like it was for a younger girl, and then noticed the wall hanging said, “Welcome to Nina’s Room!”  Clearly not Gracie!   Abigail asked the other girl if she knew what this house number was and the girl did not.
Meanwhile, I have driven away from the house and am at least a mile or two down the road when I get the text from Abigail, ‘THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT HOUSE!  HELP!’  Abigail also texted Gracie and asked for her house number, and got a text right back saying 313.   Abigail then picked up her gift, told the other girl she would be right back and went running out of the house.  Upon checking the house number she was at house 317!  She took off running to Gracie’s when she saw a friend’s dad coming out of the right house!
When I arrived after receiving her text she was already in Gracie’s yard with Gracie telling the death defying story or how she was almost abducted; could have been locked up in the basement for years and several other Criminal Minds plot lines!  
Now to answer a few questions, I’m sure you have:
  • No, I did not think anything about another mom answering the front door that wasn’t Gracie’s mom.  A lot of times when there are kids over, whatever parent is closest to the door answers it in an effort to help out the hostess. 
  • No, no one went back to Nina’s house to tell them who or why the girl with the long hair was in their house or where she went!
  • No, I will not be receiving the ‘Mother of the Year Award’ again this year!

The prudent sees danger and hides himself,
    but the simple go on and suffer for it.
Proverbs 27:12

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