Sunday, April 5, 2015

No Greater Joy

This evening was the Leadership Training for Christ's awards presentation.  The youth, including Frankie, Caleb and Abigail, who participated in Texas Bible Bowl were recognized and presented with their awards.  Mr. Gungan also took a few minutes to recognize Caleb, Richard, Ryan for their first place team awards for the past nine years in National/Texas Bible Bowl.  He also spot lighted Caleb's nine years of highest score individually in his division and overall for the past nine years. 
During the evening Caleb and Richard were each awarded with scholarships though LTC.  It was funny because as their Bible Bowl coach, Richard asked me to write his recommendation for the scholarship.  I emailed Richard my rough draft that read, 'Do not consider Richard for this award, instead give all preference to Caleb Kirkwood who submitted his paperwork 3 days ago!'  Needless to say that wasn't the final version I sent in to LTC!  But Richard's reaction was fun!   It was very fitting that both received equal scholarships, they have done LTC together all these years and have really led the charge for the younger kids that LTC is cool! 
The first couple of years of LTC the kids were so excited however many of the older youth and even parents would make comments indicating that when they got older they wouldn't have that much time; or it wasn't cool when you get older.  Our family and the Gungan's have insisted with the children as they got older they could be the wet blankets the older kids were to them, or they could step up and be the encouragers they didn't have.   Every year, I have watched Caleb and Richard especially, step up and encourage the young men in the congregation.  Looking at the picture of the age span of 3rd-12th standing on stage tonight was a great testimony to who these young men have become.   I told you, it's been a very sentimental weekend!

For the grandparents, Caleb received Gold in Bible Bowl, Chorus, Drama, Speech, Sign Language, Service Challenge and Daily Devotional Challenge.  Abigail received Gold in Bible Bowl, Drama, Girl's Speech, Sign Language, Teaching Challenge, and Daily Devotional Challenge.  Both of the kids got 96 out of 100 Bible Bowl questions correct!  

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 4

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