Thursday, December 1, 2016

Teen Jr. / Sr. Club

Our PEACH homeschool group has a Jr. / Sr. club for the older teens.  Because the kids are homeschooled the guideline for our clubs junior and seniors is youth sixteen and older.  Since the baby girl turns sixteen this month, she was invited to participate in this months activities. 

Most of the kids are like Abigail and have higher level classes than their actual grade level. 

Tonight Abigail joined about ten other teens for Christmas fun, including minute-to-win-it games, Christmas movies, and a smorgasbord of snacks.    The kids have a lot of fun scheduled for the upcoming months, so I'm sure there will be more posts! 

They approach and come forward;
they help each otherand say to their companions, “Be strong!”

Isaiah 41:5-6

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