Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Texas Discovery Gardens

While we were at Fair Park visiting the aquarium, we decided to head over and check out the Texas Discovery Gardens with the Hunts.  

The gardens are located on seven and a half acres of gorgeous gardens.  There is an indoor Butterfly House and Insectarium with a three story walk thru garden of tropical plants and hundreds of tropical butterflies.  

There is also an indoor exhibit featuring fifteen species of snakes native to Texas.   There were docents on hand to answer questions for the kids.  

The gardens, even in winter, were beautiful with pristine fountains and Koi ponds.  The almost seventy degree weather only added to the day.  We didn't know beforehand but found out while we were there that Tuesdays are "Pay What You Wish."  So if you don't want to pay the $8 fee you may choose to pay $4, you decide! Good to know! 

 I made gardens and parks and planted all kinds of fruit trees in them.
I made reservoirs to water groves of flourishing trees.  Ecclesiastes 2:5-6

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