Thursday, March 16, 2017

Go Karts and Golf

The Chargers had a break in their tournament play today, a three hour opening between games while we were in Fort Worth.  One of the moms found a great spot for the girls to play a little putt putt golf and race go karts. 

The girls didn't really get into the putt putt golf manly because they were swinging with the club like it was a bat!  

But these competitive softball players REALLY got into the go kart racing!  The eleven players and Caleb took to course with custom racers with no fear!  They were running about 25-30 mph, powered by four-stroke engines with 15 hp motors.  

I was a little nervous that we were going to have to tell coach Craig how one of them got hurt being overly competitive.  Fortunately even though a few of them spun out no one was hurt.

The chariots race madly through the streets;
    they rush to and fro through the squares;
they gleam like torches;
    they dart like lightning.
Nahum 2:4

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