Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Norma at the Dallas Opera

Tonight we enjoyed the final 2015-2016 Dallas Opera performance, Norma. It the story of the Romans occupying Gaul in the first century B.C. The high priestess of the druidical temple, Norma, has been having a love affair with a Roman officer, Pollione. 

Even though Pollione has fathered Norma's two children, he no longer loves her. Instead, he loves a young maiden serving in the temple, Adalgisa. After contemplating killing her children, Norma instead declares war against the Romans. When Norma discovers that Pollione has been seized, she secretly frees him and puts herself in his place to be burned alive. In the end, Pollione realizes that he still loves Norma, and joins her on the pyre of fire. Yes, as all great operas are, it was a tragedy.

Several of our friends were able to join us for tonight's performance making the evening more enjoyable! One of the great benefits of the youth getting to attend these student performances is the social exposure to the etiquette of an elegant event.  For example, there is no late seating at the opera, patrons are to be respectful of the performers and arrive on time.  Also, to hold applause until the end of an aria and to cheer "Bravo!" (for a male performer) or "Brava!" (for a female performer).

Common sense tips are sent out to students by the Winspear Opera like:  Please remain quiet from the time the orchestra starts (the overture is part of the opera, too!) so that everyone around you can enjoy the music. Don't open candy or gum wrappers, talk, or text during the performance. Be sure to turn off your cell phone or watch alarm when you enter the theater. There is plenty of opportunity to chat with people during intermission. Please do not sing along, tap in time, get up and move around or try to read your program while the performance is in progress - it's really distracting to the people around you!  

It is by his deeds that a lad distinguishes himself
If his conduct is pure and right.  Proverbs 20:11

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