Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kid Culture

Today was one of my favorite field trips, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. They have an amazing program for students that includes three or four performances per school year. Today's performance was 'I Am a Musician'. It was wonderful! They included an 8 year violinist playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.' Later in the program a very talented 14 year old performed with the entire symphony a beautiful piece by French composer and pianist Georges Bizet.
Following the performance at the symphony, we headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art. The docent took us through the Bluebonnets and Beyond exhibit by Jullian Onderdonk. Most of the pieces were on loan by private collectors or other museums. Between this exhibit and the Turner exhibit the kids have seen an amazing collection from the impressionist era. We also viewed the new Young Masters exhibit.

Jon and the kids wrapped up the evening with softball practice for Abigail and a baseball game for Caleb. Caleb had three at bats; with a double, struck out and a fielders choice! I missed the action at the ballpark because of a board meeting for our home school group!

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