Monday, April 14, 2008

Mother of the Year

Today was definitely one of those good days. There are so many days that we just seem to rush through so we can meet all of our commitments. Today we actually had a day without Bible bowl, LTC, baseball or softball practice. That is so incredibly rare for us. Jon came home to chicken spaghetti, despite my best intentions, dinner is seldom ready when he comes home. After dinner, Jon and I took Padme' for a walk while the kids cleaned up the dishes. Upon returning home from our walk, Jon & I loaded up the kids and headed to the park. The kids and I rode bikes through the trails. Jon walked Padme'. We also stopped for a game of tag. After the sun went down, we headed home and all the kids took their showers and we enjoyed some snuggle time and a little 'Baseball Tonight' on ESPN. These less structured days are so few as the kids are getting older. But I'm pretty sure you can see the new jewels in my crown! Lisab

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