Thursday, November 20, 2014

PEACH Recital

This was one of those evenings I wish we had family that live closer to us.  It was the PEACH Recital.  The kids took turns singing, playing instruments, reciting poetry, etc. 
The recital also includes an art competition and a baking competition.  This gives all the kids an opportunity to display their talents. 
Caleb and Abigail played Australian Waterfall on the keyboard.  Caleb was going to do an improve piece but Abigail wanted him to play a duet with her, especially since it would be his last performance.  And being the kind soul he is, he agreed!
Caleb helped out judging the tasty desserts, the winner was Virginia’s fudge.  He said it was really good; it reminded him of his Granny’s fudge. Virginia later told him it was nothing special, just the recipe on the side of the marshmallow crème bottle. We laughed because that IS Granny’s recipe!!

He raised his hand to his mouth, and his eyes brightened.  I Samuel 14:27

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