Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lubbock Christian University

Caleb and I made a trip to Lubbock Christian University today for me to see the campus.  Caleb had been here before with Richard.   Jon and I had dinner with the head of the Honors program a month or so ago.  Now that Caleb is ready to finalize everything, I wanted to take a look at the campus. 

It was a great visit, we ran into friends I grew up with from church camp; friends of relatives; youth from our home congregation.  It was a really great, peace-filled visit.  The drive is about five hours and it is definitely more rural than Plano, but the feel of the campus is a great vibe.  I feel really comfortable that it is a good fit for Caleb. 

All papers are signed and it is official, he's headed to Lubbock Christian University in the fall, Go Chaps!

For the Lord gives wisdom;    from his mouth come knowledge and understanding
Proverbs 2:6

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