Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bon Jovi in Concert

It took nearly thirty years but I finally made it to a Bon Jovi concert!  Now of course this was Jon's third time to see them.  Jon saw Bon Jovi open for Ratt at the Tulsa Fair Grounds in early 1985.  Later the same year he saw them open for Scorpions, and Deep Purple at the Texas Jam.  

When I was Oklahoma Christian University I had a wonderful roommate Nancy who loved Bon Jovi.  In the conservative house I grew up in was limited to country music.  So the rock n' roll tunes of their first album Slippery When Wet were a whole new experience for me.  Nancy and I listed to that cassette everywhere we went in Edmond.  So much fun and so many great memories.  

Nancy and always talked that one day we would see Bon Jovi in concert, but school, weddings, and children happened.  About seventeen years ago Nancy lost her battle with breast cancer.  I can't tell you how many songs brought back memories of my friend.  She would have loved it! 

The other great memory for Jon and I tied to Bon Jovi is on the back of one of Jon's race cars I stenciled "On a Steel Horse I Ride" from the Wanted: Dead or Alive song.  That was one of the encore songs from tonight's concert along with Living on a Prayer.   We were able to enjoy the entire concert from the comfort of Thompson Reuters luxury suite at the American Airlines Center.  It was a great night out with my guy! 

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