Friday, February 24, 2017

Stained Glass Art Class

It's time for another Teen Art Class at the Dallas Museum of Art.  The kids have studied a lot of different medium of art through these classes and today was no exception. 

They began class looking at the stained glass in medieval cathedrals in the Art and Nature in the Middle Ages exhibit. Later in Tech Lab they made their own 4”x6” glass panes. 

Using Plexiglass panels they took essentially a glue gun with black sticks to create the iron work and then painted their panes of glass.  
Each work was very unique and when they were flipped around to allow the light to shine through it was quite impressive.  Because they were working with Plexiglass each student to draw and lay out their design and then transfer it using the 'iron work.' 

To others, show mercy mixed with fear of sin. Hate even the clothes that are stained by the sins of those who wear them.  Jude 1:23

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