Saturday, March 25, 2017

Giving Honor

Today the CHANT Chargers played a double header against the THESA Riders.  THESA is the other high school level, home schooled team in our area.  Every year the two teams play a double header with a time to honor the seniors for both team in between the two games.  

This year CHANT has two seniors, Jaylee and Breezy, both are strong pitchers for our team and will be missed next season! The girls were presented with flowers and gifts from their teammates.  

In the first game the Chargers fell behind early and couldn't come back in a 14-4 loss to THESA.  In the second game the Chargers built a four-run lead in the third inning and then held off THESA's charge for a 6-5 victory.

Pay to all what is owed to them: . . . respect to whom respect is owed,
honor to whom honor is owed. Romans 13:7

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