Friday, March 24, 2017

Just Ask . . .

The pantry our family volunteers at serves about 150 families per week.  Much of the food we hand out is purchased from North Texas Food Bank.  But we can only purchase what has been donated.  Yes, food pantries buy the food that was donated to NTFB, but it is purchased at a considerably reduced rate and is a fee to cover NTFB warehousing and delivering the food to the pantries. 

When NTFB doesn't have the food the pantry is needing we then rely on outside donations. I sent out a message to friends and family that we were running low and these pictures are the results!  This is just for this week.  My mom sent money for breakfast items; several church friends stopped by with pasta and sauce; another friend donated toothpaste and deodorant; and a pediatrician friend at church donated baby formula!

It such a blessing!  Our softball schedule has seriously interfered with our time with the pantry guests but I'm thrilled we've been a small part in helping out with the needs of others. Thanks to everyone for your generosity! 

Whoever gives to the poor will not want,
    but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse.
Proverbs 28:27

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