Sunday, June 4, 2017

Camp Blue Haven - Day 1

Today the group from the McDermott congregation made it up to Hermit Peak in Las Vegas, New Mexico home to Camp Blue Haven.  Congregations of youth groups from Brown Tail and Brownwood have been  attending camp together for eight years. 

Both congregations have families who attended McDermott and moved. This is the one time of the year they all get pack together.  Several are kids who participated in Bible Bowl with us prior to moving. 

The weather had been rainy but stayed at a nice low seventies during the day and in the 40's in the evening.  Each day the kids had Bible memory work, theme days, and great hiking in the beautiful mountains.

When we got home from church today I had the text that Abigail a crew had made it home safely. I also turned on the tv and saw Caleb leading the communion lead at Baytown.  You've got to love technology, it's not the same as having them home but it sure makes it easier knowing they are where they're suppose to be!  

On the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains became visible
Genesis 8:5

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