Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Canning Breakfast Sausage

Another canning first in the books today, canned sausage!  I caught cases of Owen sausage patties on sale for $3.99/case.  Each case was 2 ½ pounds of sausage.  They were being clearance because Tom Thumb was no longer going to carry this product in their store. 

The first step was to cook the patties, draining off any fat.  While the sausage patties were cooking I took two quarts of pork bone broth, (or you can use beef bullion broth) and heated it up in my Instant Pot for packing the meat in jars. 

I cut up Parchment Paper to use between each patty.  In sterilized, hot, wide mouthed pint jars I stacked the patties.  Because this brand of sausage was thin patties, I was able to stack 10 patties per jar.  

Using a ladle I filled the jars with my pork bone broth leaving 1” headspace.   Always use a plastic spatula to remove any air bubbles.  Use a paper towel with vinegar to remove any grease or debris from the top of the jar to ensure a tight seal on your jars. 

Process the Ball Pint Jars in a Pressure Canner for 10lbs for 75 minutes.  I used the same process with sausage links and crumbled sausage.  

The biggest advantage to having these canned is it is ready to eat!  On the days when I’m in a hurry, the girl has a ball game and needs protein for breakfast, I’m ready!  I don’t have to defrost frozen sausage.  The patties are cooked and drained so there is less fat!  I only make a mess in my kitchen once!

To heat up the patties I can throw them in the microwave.  If I want more of a crunchy edge, I can throw them in a hot skillet for under a minute per side and they are fabulous!  The crumbled sausage is great to quickly add to a casserole or throw in a skillet and make sausage gravy!  

My yield at the end of this project was 12 pints of 10 patties per jar; 3 pints of 8 links per jar; and 2 pints of crumbled sausage for a cost of under $20! That's breakfast meat for fifteen meals! 

You say, ‘I will eat meat,’ because you crave meat, you may eat meat whenever you desire. Deuteronomy 12:20

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